Privacy Policy

At, your privacy is held in the highest regard. We’ve devised this privacy policy to explain to you, our valued user, why and how we collect information, and for what purpose.

It is not often that we require our users to divulge any personal information. However, on such occasions, we will provide the details of why the info is necessary. The reason provided to you will be the sole purpose of its use. We may, at times, ask for your permission to use your information for extenuating purposes, but it will be your choice whether to accept or decline.

When collecting information, you will also be provided with a time frame for which we intend to maintain that information. Once that period expires, the information will be deleted from our servers, as detailed in the corresponding provisions. If, for example, you subscribe to a mail list through, we will continue to maintain your email address until such time you choose to unsubscribe.