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Meditation Audio Review

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Meditation Audio Takes Traditional Meditation to the 21st Century.

Let’s face it most forms of meditation are hard to learn and take a long time to master.  Meditation Audio takes a faster and easier approach to meditation.  Imagine sitting back listening to specially designed music or nature sounds, and letting your mind be passively guided into a meditative state just by listening to it. Meditation Audio creates products that basically does just that.

This modern form of meditation makes meditating a lot easier to learn and master.  You can experience different states of consciousness.  Some are relaxing and some are stimulating.  Some help you fall to sleep and some help you to wake up.  Some feel really good.  And that is just the beginning.   You can use them with affirmations, self-talk, and even hypnosis.  Mentally programming yourself.   Or for studying or brainstorming.  And much more.

The technologies Meditation Audio uses are designed to produce what is called brainwave entrainment.  The technologies are carefully encoded, embedded and incorporated in with the music.

The main technologies featured in Meditation Audio’s products are: Isochronic Tones, Soundscapes, 3-D Audio Sound Effects, Bilateral Stimulation, and SpectraStrobe Encoding.

Isochronic Tones are beeps or pulses that may be heard in the audios.  Theses are very powerful at creating brainwave entrainment. More powerful then binaural beats.  Isochronic Tones also don’t require headphones, and can also work with speakers.

Soundscapes are the music or sounds that go along with the brainwave entrainment encoding.  They are either tempo synced or neutral, so not to interfere with entrainment.  Most of all they are designed to be pleasing to listen to.  Meditation Audio has online samples on the their website.  If you like how the soundscape sounds it is more likely to work for you.

3-D Audio Sound Effects are also encoded in the audio sounds.  If you listen with headphones,  you will feel like the sounds are mostly outside of your head.

Bilateral Stimulation is 3-D movement in a gentle back and forth style.  This also help you to relax and may reduce habituation.

SpectraStrobe Encoding is an extra feature that allows you to use the sessions with a SpectraStrobe compatible mind machine.  However, you don’t need a mind machine to use the audio sessions.  Any MP3 player that supports MP3-320 should work just fine.

Meditation Audio’s products can only be purchased through their website, and all payments are processed safely by ClickBank with a secure checkout.  ClickBank accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.


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Meditation Audio, LLC




varies with each product. Very Affordable.

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Positives About This Product
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Preview Product Manuals with instructions
  • Listen to Soundscape Samples before you buy
  • Affordable
  • High Quality MP3 Files
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • No memberships or subscriptions
  • Direct Download after you order

Negatives About This Product
  • Requires a broadband internet connection to download large audio files
  • May not work for some people who are hard of hearing.
  • People suffering from some medical conditions should not use it
    (See EULA/Disclaimer/Terms on website for details)
  • Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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Meditation Audio is a new product in the market but it's very potential to dominant the market. The audios are hand picked and clear with high quality. All the things are digitally downloadable. This product comes with money back guarantee and also sample audios are available to hear before you purchase. It's a must have product for everyone to soothe your mind.

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