GeoTargeter Pro Software – Review

GeoTargeter Pro Software Review
GeoTargeter Pro is a utility that all webmasters should have. It enables the visitor to any website click on a link and then be sent to a web page based on the location of the web visitor. All this happens on the fly, and the visitor is not aware that he or she is being sent to the particular web page based on their location, but is nevertheless allowed to be sent there based on his or her IP address.

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The software comes with pre-written scripts which direct website visitors to different countries, different states within the United States, different territories within Canada, different countries in the European Union, and multiple variants of these, as well as diverse other permutations.

The number of applications for this software is huge. Imagine that you are based in the USA and have a sales, marketing or logistics team covering all states. But each state has its own legislation and different ways of doing this. GeoTargeter Pro will automatically redirect the website visitor to the correct legal page based on the legal jurisdiction of the state in which the user is based.

Another huge sector where this software will save you money is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can send web visitors to an appropriate affiliate program based on their location. For example, say an affiliate is running an organic SEO campaign for a loans company. The main client is a U.S. based loan company. But 15% of website visitors are from outside the United States. Without GeoTargeter Pro the affiliate will be leaving money on the table because 15% of website visitors will not be eligible for the loan because they are not in the U.S. However, by using GeoTargeter Pro you can redirect your web visitors to another affiliate program in their own country, thereby keeping that visitor “live” and possibly monetizing from this.

Because the numbers in this case will be relatively low, the affiliate marketer can join CPA programs, and thereby be paid for leads, rather than sales, so that there is more of a chance to make money from these non-U.S. visitors.

GeoTargeter Pro Review

GeoTargeter Pro is a must-have for multi-country affiliate programs.

If you are an affiliate promoting offers through a network which has several different programs for different countries (this is especially true of CPA networks) then the chances are that you are losing out on all the international traffic that clicks on your affiliate link. Those people are not going to go to the offer because, for them, the offer does not exist. Instead they will see some kind of ‘Not Available In Your Area’ page, leading to some lame offer that they are not interested in.

With GeoTargeter Pro these people will click on the very same link and go to a perfectly valid offer appropriate to their own location.

Let’s take as an example an affiliate program from one of the many CPA networks which has multi-country affiliate offers). If you are based in the U.S. , as most affiliates are, then up till now you’re only able to direct traffic from the U.S. through your link to the U.S. affiliate program. But what if you used GeoTargeter Pro to redirect traffic from just one link so that the appropriate landing pages were arrived at according to your visitors’ locations? Your revenues will increase roughly as follows:

  • Your web visitors from U.K.: increase in traffic by 25%
  • Your web visitors from Holland: increase in traffic by 10%
  • Your web visitors from Germany: increase in traffic by 20%
  • Your web visitors from France: increase in traffic by 20%
  • Your web visitors from Italy: increase in traffic by 25%
  • Your web visitors from Australia: increase in traffic by 20%
  • Your web visitors from Brazil: increase in traffic by 40%

I could go on and on, couldn’t I? This is even more important if you use PPC, not just because you’re actually paying for the traffic but also because it is likely that costs per click will be lower outside the U.S. so your return on investment will improve as well as your volume.

It is also useful from your site visitor’s point of view, and will reduce the number of complaints. You must have felt the annoyance at all those tempting special offers that lead to a “Not Available In Your Area” page when you click on a link. Well, with GeoTargeter Pro that won’t happen anymore. Instead, you can send your overseas visitors to other pages containing more suitable affiliate programs or even Adsense pages. You’ll reduce the number of unsubscribes from annoyed customers as well as increase your revenue.


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Each copy of GeoTargeter Pro comes with a special assortment of pre-made scripts which will allow you to redirect your web visitors to different URLs from and/or within, and differentiating between, each of the following:
• U.K. and the U.S.A.
• U.K., the U.S.A. and Canada;
• All the countries in the European Union;
• All the English-speaking countries in the world (and non-speaking);
• All Paypal accredited countries together and also within individual countries;
• All 50 states of the United States;
• All 50 states of the United States and overseas U.S. dependencies;
• All Canadian provinces and territories;
• All 50 states of the United States and all Canadian provinces and territories;
• All 250 + countries and sovereign states and territories in the world.
The script pack also includes a template which will allow you to make bespoke redirects based on any criteria you would like in addition to the above.

Product Owner

Gordon Goodfellow


March - 2017



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Positives About This Product
  • Builds up your list for the long term based on geo-location.
  • Allows any scale of complexity when redirecting.
  • Can differentiate between different U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories.
  • Scripts can be fully customized to cover all circumstances.
  • Use it on any or all of your sites for greater reach.
  • Prevent unsubscribes from people fed up with being sent to irrelevant pages.
  • Supplied scripts cover all countries of the world.
  • Redirect site visitors to different campaigns based on main languages spoken.
  • Runs on your server, so does not take up any of your valuable disk space.
  • No monthly fees; has a one-off cost with free upgrades for life.
  • With average traffic GeoTargeter Pro pays for itself within a couple of weeks.
  • You can install it on as many websites as you wish.

Negatives About This Product
  • GeoTargeter Pro needs PHP4 + and MySQL on your server.
  • Need some technical knowledge to use the software

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GeoTargeter Pro is a software utility which needs to be in the armory of every serious webmaster, affiliate marketer and software product owner. In addition, you will need GeoTargeter Pro if you run or manage any kind of business which must distinguish between different geographical locations or jurisdictions. You can install it on your server or you can have it installed for you by the product owner for a small one-time charge. There are no monthly payments to be made but you will get a lifetime’s usage of this software product, with free upgrades as they become necessary. You can use it on as many websites as you wish.

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