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F7x Factor – Real Estate Investing – Review

F7x Factor - Real Estate Investing - Review
Coming off the success of his Amazon bestselling book, How To Flip A House: 7 Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Flip, Brant Phillips’ follow-up offering proved to be a powerhouse program designed for one singular purpose: Duplicate Brant’s real estate investing success in your own business.

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f7X factor coverF7XFactor, as the program is called, is an interactive membership coaching and mentoring program hinged on over 150+ video lessons covering the entire gamut of essential skills and knowledge needed by a real estate investor to create a successful house flipping business.

Whether you’re a newbie investor, a seasoned one, and everything in between, F7XFactor claims to be able to cater to your REI information and training needs.

And judging from the individual topics, training elements and coaching principles set forth by the program, not to mention the loaded bonuses you’ll get with the program, it would appear this claim has more than enough justification.

Mindset – while most people would readily dismiss anything related to mindset and personal development as mere “fluff” in a real estate training program, the way Brant presented this subject easily proves skeptics wrong.

Brant, who’s also a personal development and spiritual coach, was able to fully tie the importance of maintaining a positive and receptive mindset to business success.

Anyone who thinks this is just a useless filler is greatly mistaken.

Deal Flow – talks about how to create a steady stream of leads flowing into your pipeline using existing property sites and leveraging the deal marketing of other investors.

The idea is simple: The more leads flowing towards you from different sources, the better your chances of just cherry-picking the best ones to work on.

Evaluating Deals – this subject deals with the proper analysis of the leads that come your way. Brant’s unique methodology for evaluating deals has been successfully translated and related in the training materials, you’ll feel like he’s actually standing over your shoulder helping you out with your deal analysis.

Estimating Repairs – one of the most important aspects of the house flipping process is broken down and explained in terms even the greenest of greenhorns is able to understand and apply.

Brant fills this section with his own extensive experience in doing estimates and making sure deals fall well within workable financial margins.

Financing – one of the most controversial elements of real estate investing is getting deals financed or funded. Brant is clearly a fan of the “no money down” investing concept and this is in clear display in his discussion of this particular subject matter.

Just as the program espouses, leveraging other people’s marketing and lead generation, this section strongly pushes leveraging other people’s money.

Rehabbing – while most real estate investing gurus do away with rehabbing and simply teach wholesaling just to keep their own training courses simple and uncomplicated, Brant breaks away from the fold and tackles this subject head on in simple and concise language.

From getting contractors and subcontractors, to project management, to retail marketing, Brant pulls all stops in this section and delivers the most complete and definitive rehabbing training in its class.

Income Generation – with the guiding principle, “I’m selling my property one way or another. Failure is NOT an option.” as the main theme of this section, Brant shows how to set-up deals in such a way that multiple exit strategies are possible and made available, thereby increasing the chances of selling a house that much higher.

Plus, signing up with F7XFactor also entitles you to a slew of useful bonus gifts that, dare I say, may even rival the value of the actual program.

Monthly Group Coaching Webinar – this serves as a method of “touching base” of sorts for members. Through this monthly group coaching webinar, they will be able to ask Brant for clarifications and get answers in real time.

Brant’s Simple Private Money System – This is the perfect complimentary training program for F7XFactor (and any other real estate investing training program for that matter). In this program, Brant shows the exact step-by-step process he uses to raise private funding for all his deals.

Brant’s Forms Vault – get access to Brant’s personal cache of forms and documents you may be able to use in your own business as well.

Access to a Private Facebook Group – not one to underestimate the power of social media, F7XFactor has its own Private Facebook page that also a powerful tool for networking and consultation.


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Product Owner

Brant Phillip, a real estate entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and sought-after mentor.


April, 2017


With the kind of content F7XFactor packs, one would expect it to come at a pretty hefty price tag – and it would have been worth every penny. But as it happens, not only is this training program surprisingly jampacked with useful and actionable content…

…It’s also surprisingly affordable!

Staying true to his unspoken devotion to the struggling investor, Brant priced this powerhouse training/coaching program in such a way that it brings quality real estate investing education within arm’s reach.

Charging an initial signup fee of $97 and a monthly membership fee of $47 thereafter that you can cancel anytime, you cannot go wrong with F7XFactor. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say you’d probably want to keep the membership long after you’ve become a successful investor just to get a chance to work with Brant Phillips.

Where to Get it?
Positives About This Product
  • Instead of being delivered in bulk as a homestudy course, F7XFactor is delivered in the form of a membership site wherein members can login, access the training materials and advance at their own time and pace.
  • This also makes accessing the materials easier because you no longer have to pore over various DVD's and booklets to find a specific topic. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you'll be able to access the training practically from anywhere.
  • Also, Brant did not hold anything back as far as the content is concerned. So if there’s one advantage this program has over all other similar information products, it’s the sheer amount of useful and actionable content it is packed with.
  • 60 Days money-back guarantee
  • Payment by secured clickbank payment gateway

Negatives About This Product
  • Like most training video compilations curated into a single training program, F7XFactor also is prone to inciting analysis paralysis. The vast amount of information covered by the program is enough to stop the casual student in his tracks and freeze him in inaction.

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F7XFactor is a jampacked training/coaching membership program overflowing with useful content designed to help investors close their first or next deal the easiest and quickest way. Coupled with a very down-to-earth price tag and a developer who’s genuinely willing to help, this is a membership product that is truly worth every dollar spent on it and is even worth keeping long after you’ve achieved success.

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