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Bulkbites – Pro Meal Planning Tool For Bodybuilders – Review

Bulkbites - Pro Meal Planning Tool For Bodybuilders - Review

If you are trying to build solid muscle, just working out won’t do it. Even if you are dedicated and have intense workouts, it’s impossible to build muscle without providing your body with the right nutrition. Think about this: you cannot build a house without the right building blocks.

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It took me some time to figure that out, and when I found out I dove right into it. After spending a good amount of time researching macros (protein, fat and carbs) I was able to figure out my optimal intake needed to build muscle. I ate plain chicken, rice and broccoli for 2 months, and I gained more muscle weight than the entire year before. It worked. But…

Plain chicken and rice is easy, but it sucked eating the same food each meal and because of the lack of variation in the diet I was quickly lacking other vital nutrients and vitamins. I almost gave up working out, until I found out there are several Meal Tracking and Meal Planning applications out there. Most of them are focused on tracking macronutrients, but I am an organized guy, so I rather plan in advanced. That’s when I stumbled upon, and I’d like to share this review about Bulkbites with you.

Unlike other bodybuilding and fitness tools, Bulkbites is truly a meal-planning tool. When using the traditional fitness trackers you add the food you just ate to your list, and see what it does to your macro intake. You then know the amount of protein, fat and carbs you have left for the day. Bulkbites’ philosophy is that you should PLAN your meals. If you plan your meals for the week in advance you exactly know what to eat each day, and you don’t have to think about it during the week. You just follow your schedule, making it less likely to fail. To top it off Bulkbites even provides a shopping list that is easily accessible from your mobile browser.  I will walk you through the different parts of Bulkbites.

Meal planner

Once I signed up for the Premium package I was guided through the different parts of Bulkbites in a tutorial. The first thing I was shown was the meal planner. It is a conveniently placed planner on the right side of the screen and you can add recipes and foods to it from either the meal search page or recipe pages. One thing I liked in particular is that every meal is scalable, so when I need to fill up a gap in my plan I can also add 0.7x recipe. It’ll show all the ingredients times 0.7 as well, and that’s also how they show up in my shopping list. Another cool thing is that the meal search system actually shows me scaled meals as well. So if I search by a maximum amount of protein and a minimum amount of grams of fat, it’ll also recommend 0.5 meals of for example “chicken meatball spaghetti” (one of my all time favorites!).


First thing I noticed is the great variety of foods available. Damn those days I ate plain chicken all day. Each recipe comes with its own recipe page, conveniently showing the macros and a nutritional overview. The ingredients are listed, and the instructions are overall pretty clear. On the top of the page you can switch metric system, but in my opinion grams are the way to go anyway: way more convenient and accurate. All the recipes are scalable, and when you go premium you will even be able to substitute ingredients with other ingredients. Sometimes I like to add a little more beans for some extra protein, I can then simply add it too the recipe and it will show the macros for the edited recipe. When I store it I can access it from my food library. More about that later.

Premade meal plans

If you are too impatient to create your own meal plan (it does take some time, but you can for example create 4 and alternate), you can also use the meal plans made by others. Bulkbites offers the opportunity to search for meal plans from people who have similar macro intakes as you have. You can then copy the plan to your own account and make modifications. I prefer creating my own plans because I enjoy doing it, but I can image this would come in really handy for those who don’t.

Meal plan overview and detailed day overview

On the overview page you can keep track of your schedule and well… it is what it is. But the daily overview page is where things get really interesting! On the daily overview page you can visually view how macronutrients are spread throughout your day. This enables you to plan more carbs before your workout and more protein after your workouts for muscle recovery. Depending on the type of diet you are following this could give vital information which I have not found anywhere else during my search.

Shopping list

I hate getting my groceries, so I want it to be over quick. Before Bulkbites I used to have a pen and paper (often times forget the pen) and all my groceries on there, checking off the things I found. Now Bulkbites creates my shopping lists, and I can access my lists from my mobile phone (browser based, so accessible anywhere). I can check of the products easily by tapping them, it works pretty well.


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A premium plan starts at $8/month and it will give you access to all premium plan features. If you pick the annual plan you’ll get a discount. I think the price is very reasonable, especially compared to the cost of all the food that you’ll be eating…

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Positives About This Product
  • I like the way Bulkbites organized my meal planning routine
  • 1000’s of quality muscle building recipes
  • Scalable recipes
  • Pre-made meal plans
  • Macronutrient wizard that helps with determining macro goals
  • Accurate recipe and food search
  • The ability to set macro goals for individual days (for carb cycling etc)

Negatives About This Product
  • Takes some time to get used to, you need to invest some time in planning
  • Printing meal plan takes a lot of paper
  • A lot of functionality, could be overwhelming

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Is it perfect? Of course not. But for now Bulkbites is my meal planner of choice, simply because of its great amount of in depth tools. I have been using it quite a while now, and it took some time to get used to, but now that I am used to it it’s easy like pie. The Bulkbites team is very open to receive feedback, which tells me they are dedicated to make the best meal planning tool they can.

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