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Breaking 90 is easy Rеvіеw – Is it Legit or Scam?

Breaking 90 is easy Review

“Breaking 90 is easy” is a perfect guide to lower your handicap in short time without swing change and endless practice hours.

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Breaking 90 is easy Review

This ebook is written for the golfer with handicap 20 and higher as well as for the beginner. The subtitle “You have to understand the game (to break 90 consistently)” says already what it is about.

Also there is an instructional chapter in this ebook, with pictures and some drills, most of the content is about understanding how the game can be played successfully by everyone. Even if you suck now in every part of the game, the author guarantees that every golfer breaks 90 in very short time after reading and following the instructions in his ebook.

The version in german language is for sale since 2006.

This new version in english is available since July 2016, here on Clickbank since July 2017.

The author is John J. Roethling (, [email protected] ), a 62 years old well known PGA Professional, who after studying sports and biomechanics came to golf quite late when he was already 35. He reached Pro status in 5 years while living in Miami and played 10 years on Pro Tour. Since 2001 John is teaching in Marbella, Spain and is also playing some European Senior Tour Events.

Maybe that is why he has a unique perspective and approach to golf.

In some anecdotes he passes on his own experiences and what he learned while teaching and playing with his students.

John claims that he helped personally more than 1000 men and women to reach their goal of breaking 90. He also sold about 10 000 copies of the German version. We contacted some of his testimonials and were assured that after following the instructions in the eBook all the golfers we asked reached their goal and lowered their handicap substantially.

Reading this book helps you understand why certain things have to go wrong on the golf course, why you (with a handicap of 20 or more) cannot play 4, 3, sometimes not even 2 super shots in a row.

This eBook is great value for money and a must for every high handicap golfer. For the price of a half hour lesson ( the eBook sells for 49 $ ) you get the contend of a 25 hour course with John, which is sold out for 2 month in advance, without leaving home. And without risk, because it comes with a 60 days money-back- guarantee, no questions asked.

John Roethling offers a solution to lower your handicap, bring back the fun into your game and give you the success you always wanted without changing your swing and spending endless hours on the Driving Range. Of course, there is no improvement without practice but its kept to a minimum and everybody can squeeze in an hour or two per week to get better.

But most important is: you have to change your “thinking”.

This book shows how to play good golf by using your brain instead of your “ego”.

Breaking 90 is easy Figures

Breaking 90 is easy Review

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Product Owner

John J. Roethling , a 62 years old well known PGA Professional


June 2017


E :[email protected]

For product support, refunds, etc. you can e-mail directly at
E : [email protected]


49 USD

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Positives About This Product
  • Easy to read, to follow and understand
  • Wide range table of contents, so you find certain parts easy
  • Just the right amount of technical information without confusing you
    Immediate results!
  • 60 day refund period
  • Payment by secured clickbank payment gateway

Negatives About This Product
  • You must follow the instructions! Reading and understanding but not exactly doing does not bring the results
  • Some main topics of the book you may have heard before.
  • But because you still have a high handicap, you did not think they were important.

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every healthy man or woman can break 90!

Regardless of age and fitness level.
All you need is to understand the game and how you, a club golfer with little or no time to practice, should play it.

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